The Telegraph-Journal received an Award of excellence from SND for overall redesign. Section flags are striking, one of the most important elements of a much more coherent navigation system. While its structure is anchored in a strong grid, overall the design was conceived to avoid formulaic, highly formated pages in favour of more variety and a more organic flow from page to page.
A successful redesign in this case had to recognize the strengths and constraints of a smaller in-house staff. The design is conceived to help the newspaper realize its full potential to produce beautiful pages everyday with limited resources.

Simple yet distinctive approaches to visual editing are key in fulfilling design's role in the broader scope of the project: making Telegraph-Journal the reference in local, national and international news for New Brunswickers. "The Telegraph-Journal is one of the most important papers in the Maritimes, and what Lacava Design has done is given it a design that reflects the importance and the stature of the paper," publisher Jamie Irving said.