Nearing its 160th anniversary, Le Courrier enhances the quality of its content and presentation. A weekly newspaper offering local and regional news, Le Courrier de Saint-Hyacinthe founded in 1853, is the oldest French newspaper in North America. The redesign offers a contemporary and colourful look, made to measure. Page One adopts a stronger presence centred on the lead photograph, and becomes a window to the content inside. Although the logo remained the same, the grid underwent an important transformation. The page layout of the newspaper is characterized by its horizontal model, and the colour straps at the top of all pages facilitate navigation. We introduced two new fonts: National for news headlines and Arnhem for text. The typographic choices were made in order to improve the legibility of the text and to manage the hierarchisation of the headlines. The emphasis is now on the organization of the content, photography and infographics. The content, centred on local news, offers a thorough vision of the community taking into account the needs of its readers.